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Paper Sculpture Artist Gallery

Ray Besserdin is an internationally acclaimed local artist. His paper sculptures defy viewers to believe are achievable in paper, leading to prestigious commissions for such clients as Macquarie Bank, Amcor and the Australian Government to mention a few.  His art has received gold awards from his peers in New York and is a favourite with private clients, advertising agencies and publishers the world over.

He is also the creator of the very original paper sculpture caricatures, the Paperartzi, trademarked and loved in 26 countries. This gallery is the only one of its kind in Australia.

4/38 Bluff Road, Black Rock
Victoria, 3193 Australia

Ph: +61 3 9589 6807

Opening Hours:
Thursday - Sunday (10am - 5pm)
Closed on Good Friday & Christmas Day

Elements of Paper Sculpture,
Artist’s Workshop

About the workshop
This is a special opportunity for artists wanting to up-skill by exploring the endless potentials of paper as an important art medium. Over 4 weeks (Wednesday evenings) some topics covered will be:
1. Understanding paper types
2. Some matters of chemistry you should know
3. Ways of manipulating papers
4. Translating a 2D concept drawing into complex 3D sculpture.

Session 1. What exactly is paper and what are the important differences to guide your applications in sculpture. The importance of knowing some chemistry relevant to papers and associated materials. Fundamental exercises to understand the nature of paper behaviour and how to manipulate it.

Sessions 2 – 4. A guided practical exercise in translating a 2D concept drawing into an abstract, complex freestanding sculptural 3D form.

Outcome: You will develop an understanding of the principles of working with paper from the ground up, providing you, the artist, with skills to create lasting works of art that will follow any imaginary form.

Days: Wednesday July 5th to July 26th 2017
Time: 6:30pm-8:30pm

Paper stock is provided. List of other materials you requre to bring will be emailed upon registration. Limited places.

Here is what artists say from previous workshops:
- Ray is amazing in his knowledge of his art.

- I enjoyed seeing new possibilities

- I enjoyed this workshop and felt it catered for further development
   of my art career

- Ray was happy to share his knowledge and encouraged further
   contact with any questions

- Learning new techniques and specific info about glues and papers

- Overall it was a top event



Ray Besserdin

If you would like more information, or to discuss a proposal to involve Ray's paper sculpture, please feel very welcome to phone or email

Contact Details

Paper Sculpture Artist Gallery

4 / 38 Bluff Road, Black Rock 3193

Phone +61 3 9589 6807
Mobile +61 417 151 341

The Paperartzi Pad Pty Ltd

ACN: 610 576 522