Let’s create an exciting 2018 with Paper Sculpture Art

Let’s create an exciting 2018 with Paper Sculpture Art

Let’s create something spectacular in 2018

Thank you for your LinkedIn connection.  As you’ll be planning for an exciting 2018 ahead, I’d like to inspire you to consider a creative collaboration using my proven, multi-international award-winning paper sculpture art, that includes Gold at the New York Dimensional Art Awards, Gold at the Festival of Advertising, New York and a Bronze at the IACD Dublin in 2017, to name three of 17 to date. 

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Ancient Origins

A recent trip to India and a visit to the Kolkata Museum inspired this piece.  The structures and textures of huge fossilized remains of long gone Ordovician marine creatures on display, called Nautiloids, fascinated and begged me to create an abstract from my impression.

Formed from a variety of German mould-made and Asian handmade papers based on various plant fibres to give the organic textures and natural colours.

Framed in raw Tasmanian Oak hardwood finished with beeswax and acrylic glazing.
Dimensions: 106 cm H x 90cm W x 7.5 cm D

For Melbourne based Architects, Interior Designers and Art Directors we will be running periodic “Connecting Art and Design” events at the Paper Sculpture Artist Gallery in Black Rock.  Information will follow soon. Places limited to 25 people.

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Mother’s Heart

480 hours and 50 square metres of fine art paper were needed for this two part paper sculpture suspended from a 9 metre high atrium, standing 3.1 metres high by 3.6 metres wide. and 0.6 metres deep.
The larger “mother heart” figure caringly and protectively holds its arms around the young “smaller heart figure”, not to hold it captive, but rather to teach it to “fly” on its own, and reach the fullness of its life potential.

The 2:46 sec video of the making of the sculpture can be seen from this You Tube link:

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