How does the art you buy show your brand to the world?

How does the art you buy show your brand to the world?


Matching your artwork is like tailoring a suit to your branding

The face we show the world, as a person,or a business, is widely understood as being an element of our brand.  It connects us with like-minded people who become our friends, followers and believers.

Corporate brands are in principle no different.  Companies therefore go to a great deal of trouble with their corporate image, including their trademark, logo and support graphics.  It makes them unmistakably recognisable amid the myriad of visual signals. Just look at the branding mastery of Apple,Virgin and Mercedes.

There is a corollary to this that I specialise in besides the fact that my work is executed in sculptured paper.  When I receive a commission from a corporation, I create a dimensional artwork version of their values, visions and culture for all to see and be inspired by.  It’s like an artwork version of their corporate ID.

As with “2000 and Beyond” for Amcor (pictured above), you walk into a corporate board room, and there it is, 3 metres (9′) wide  and 2 metres (6’6″) high.  You ponder the meaning of the art and even before you sit down for the meeting a moment later, you’re touched with what you feel matters to the leadership of this company.  It’s very powerful.

I had a person once say to me that he was determined to work for a particular business where my art stood in the foyer, because of the way my art made him view the company.  He wanted to go work there just because of the effect that paper sculpture art had on him!

A carefully conceived artwork that inspires, while reflecting the company’s identity, is a powerful device rewarding both its owners and clientele, indefinitely.

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