Can torn bits of paper be inspirational?

Can torn bits of paper be inspirational?

I truly thank all of you in my highly motivated LinkedIn community for all your daily inspirations because they help, amongst my other sources, to keep me on track and reach my potential faster than ever.

So, I thought I must share one of my originals back with you.  This is from one of my paper sculpture caricature cards, the Paperartzi.

I modelled the ones you see here on just torn pieces of paper with no more than a face, hair, hands, feet and accessories. These two are “high flyers” aboard a paper plane (of course) heading upward over a big city where not even the sky’s the limit.  Does that fit your approach to life?  I’m sure it does,  and here’s my original verse inside the card.  I think it fits all of you.

“You have ability to spare, so do as you dare.  Success, is in the Air!”

Don’t let anything dissuade your belief in your endless capabilities. 

LinkedIn article, Dec 2, 2015

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