Card in hand shows receiver is truly valued

Card in hand shows receiver is truly valued

Xmas Cards have a personal touch that electronic media just doesn’t quite offer. In our busy lives a quick message on the phone or computer suits us well. But, there are more steps of effort, time and even out of pocket that goes into sending a card in hand.

You need to make a trip to the shop or search on the internet. When you’ve found cards that lift your emotions and will speak perfectly on your behalf you buy them, write in them, sign them and post them all by hand the old way.  Your receiver feels especially appreciated because the input is deeply recognised.  Even more so, if the cards have an original image matched with a well thought out message.  It’s something they’ll want as a keepsake, to look at again in years to come.  It’s unlikely the same message from you on electronic media will do that.  Do you agree?

In answer, this was my mission in creating the card range I called the Paperartzi, based on my paper sculpture artwork and love of verse.

LinkedIn article, Nov 27 2015

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