A Celebration of Mothers universally

A Celebration of Mothers universally

I was commissioned by Watergardens Town Centre to create a paper sculpture giving deserved tribute to mothers everywhere.  How do you represent that in an abstract sculpture?

Hearts represent both love and core essence while wings signify the capabilities of one’s being.  A bird has wings to fly:  clip them and they’re grounded; they never reach their life’s totally fulfilling potential.

The mother figure in the sculpture repeats the shape of a heart both in wings and head.  The offspring is also the shape of a heart, formed of wings.  The mother caringly surrounds her “wing arms” about the youngster as a sign of protection, but not enclosing it so as to encourage it to fly by itself.

This is the essence of what I remembered from my mother and has stayed with me since, even though I lost her when I was just 15.

This is to her and all other mothers….you’re something very special.

Happy Mother’s Day to all.

LinkedIn article, May 5, 2016

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