Corporate Art

Corporate Art comes in a multitude of different media, styles, shapes and sizes.

Trends in art come and go, some quite quickly and some last longer.
The paper sculptures of Ray Besserdin, a world acclaimed, multi-award winner paper sculpture artist, have certainly stood the test of time.

hakea039The paper sculpture of Ray Besserdin is an extremely unique art form that defies its viewers to believe what they are seeing is actually made of paper. It has impact through the light and shade that plays overs its form yet at the same time beguiles through its subtleties, carrying an inspiring presence of sophistication, creativity, mystery and beautiful aesthetics. Most surprisingly, Ray’s paper sculpture is extremely archival.

And as art should do, Ray’s art evokes the curiosity and intrigue that holds the viewer in wonder.
While all these art dimensions are very special and highly appreciated by artistic audiences, what really sets Ray’s corporate art apart is its relate-ability.

Ray’s sculptures are highly relatable to people in general, not just to art connoisseurs.
With his portrayal of the different expressions of both nature and human emotions (see Pincushion Hakea, The Infinite Source or A Mother’s Heart: Ray touches hearts and minds in a multitude of profound, yet simple ways that demonstrates a diversity not common to artists.

If you are a company looking to inspire your people and engage them deeply with your brand essence, you will find Ray’s corporate art simply invaluable.
Ray’s corporate art acts as a unique expression of brand identity, which everyone within your company and your customers will relate to, appreciate and love.

Ray’s corporate art has been commissioned for high profile corporations including Macquarie Bank, Amcor, Ford Motor Company, Toyota and Red Cross; MacMillan, Australian Geographic, American Greetings, Woolworths, Peters Ice Cream and Amcal; NRMA, Spicers Paper, ABC Paper, City of Port Phillip and the government of the Northern Territory of Australia for which he designed and built amongst the largest ever paper sculptures in the world.

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