Evoking emotion in abstract sculpture

Evoking emotion in abstract sculpture

Building Mother's Heart webSometimes it hits you like a pie in the face!  “I’ve got it!”  Other times you brew on it for days and weeks, and then, typically it hits you at 3am.  You sneak out of bed without waking your slumbering beloved, stumble into the studio and sit there oblivious to the cold with pencil to paper sketching what suddenly became an obvious shape.

“A Mother’s Heart” was like the latter, but I wanted to make sure viewers would truly feel the emotions we experience from our mothers.  And for those who are mothers, unlike I could ever be (!), I wanted to make sure they could identify something of themselves in the sculpture.

When it was unveiled to the public at Watergardens Town Centre I felt, “mission accomplished”.  A mother of 3, one of whom she sadly lost, stood before the sculpture and admitted she was so moved she just couldn’t hold back her tears.

Waking at 3am was worth it!

LinkedIn article, May 5, 2016

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