Just go for it. The answers will come.

Just go for it. The answers will come.

The most challenging sculptures I’ve produced also turned out the most rewarding.

Sitting with a client showing them drawings of my proposed sculpture, seeing their eyes widen at the prospects of what they’ll own soon and delighting them with expectations over a cup of coffee blinds me from what comes next.

Usually in the early hours of the morning it hits me: what have I gotten myself into this time?  How on earth am I going to build that?!  The works I do have no precedent because I won’t limit myself to where I’ve been before.  Fear of the unknown is a the best cure for breaking boundaries and finding out just what can really be done.

And you know what?  It’s always the same.  Somehow, sooner of later I always seem to figure it out a step at a time.  That’s the key and it’s how I find such phenomenal versatility from the most humble, simple and yet stunningly beautiful material: paper.

LinkedIn article, May 16, 2016

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