Making Richard Branson into a Paperartzi paper sculpture

Making Richard Branson into a Paperartzi paper sculpture

I wanted you to show how I make paper sculpture caricatures from the Paperartzi family because they’re technically quite simple and an interesting insight for those not familiar with the art form.  For the sake of brevity, I’ll only post excerpts here on LinkedIn, but all those with a detailed curiosity for the creative process can see the full discussion on under the blogs tab.

I’d been thinking of caricaturing a real person into one of the Paperartzi caricatures for a while and then realised the perfect person to start on was Sir Richard Branson.  He is my ideal mixture of inspirational and visual brand while not missing the fun of life.  Exercising my paper sculpture on the light side of life is what inspired me in the first place to create these caricatures I named the Paperartzi.

The image shows a pencil sketch of how I would like to portray Richard B. The caricaturing process is lots of fun but needs good choices as to what you can exaggerate, and what not, if you’ re going to retain resemblance. I of course went big with his hair and bushy eyebrows!  I’ve enlarged his mouth too to show off his pearly whites.  A little exaggeration to his nose and beard helps too.  But, it was important to get the right pose and two thumbs up, jeans and big collared shirt is just the right touch.

I like to walk away and re-evaluate my drawing from fresh perspective over a few days, make adjustments and once I’m completely content, I make templates for the many pieces of paper I will cut out and shape into 3D forms that will be assembled into the final sculpture.  Before that however, I must decide the colour scheme.  For that I make photocopies of the original and test the options with coloured pencil.  It’s quick and doesn’t damage the original pencil sketch when erasing a coloured area where I change my mind.

Welcome to my “fold” and enjoy the process!

LinkedIn article July 5, 2016

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