See what you believe then believe what you see

See what you believe then believe what you see

Some of you seeing this insect will believe it’s a fly.  Some seeing it will believe it’s a bee,  which is much closer to the truth.  Yet, some of you will believe you’re seeing a wasp.  To you I tip my hat!  In fact, it is a fascinating member of the Pompilid family, commonly known as Spider Hunters.

But wait, it’s actually none of the above.  It’s not a macro photo of a wasp sunning itself on bark at all.  Those are not actually ants scurrying around.  There aren’t really remnant threads of web from the activities of a spider long gone.  Huh?

Now, believe what you see when I tell you, you are looking at 100% paper sculpture.

My purpose was to be so realistic in this representation of Chryptocheilus sp that viewers would be so absorbed in the subject as to not even wonder about anything other than, “Interesting creature!”, or other emotion they might feel. Did it succeed for you?

I almost chose to be an entomologist, but became a paper sculpture artist and found a better way to share my love of these amazing creatures with the world.  Enjoy.

LinkedIn article, Dec 2, 2015

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