Who in the world is Rosie Rinkel?

Who in the world is Rosie Rinkel?

Drawing Beau webWe all know it and try quietly to deny it. Our friends look at us and tell us, “No, it’s just this light you’re in”. But they’re there, those ever creeping signs around our eyes….wrinkles!
The specialisation I bring to the world is my paper sculpture art, but besides that I’m another human devoted to understanding my journey and how to make the most of my life. Life hands us enough seriousness to face as an adult, yet the child in us must never leave the adult. There must be balance.
One day then, I realised I could portray a fun way to look at ourselves on our journey and translate it into bright, happy caricatures that I express in my paper sculpture art. Through them I get my chance to reflect on life in a way that makes us laugh and share joy while not departing from my favourite art.
I call these caricatures the Paperartzi, www.thepaperartzi.com

All of the Paperartzi are paper objects come to life in a “ripping fun” way, as I put it.

So who then is Rosie Rinkel?

She is that person who has the same confidence issues we all face, studying her reflection on a detailed mission. “They’re must be signs I’m getting older, somewhere here. Yep, I knew it, there it is. “Another birthday, another wrinkle!”   Oh well, one thing for it, “indulge in a drinkle!”
Motto: Celebrate those well earned wrinkles, because everyday is a gift in disguise.

LinkedIn article, June 6,2016d

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