Xmas Commercialism?

Xmas Commercialism?

To some Xmas is just what you do because that’s the cultural tradition.

You buy gifts and send greetings, and then you drink and eat in excess.  However, life is a journey with a quality of value you place on it.  So, when you put deep thought into messages, gifts and greetings cards you give, Xmas is the most special time of year.  It’s a time to celebrate and to acknowledge how lucky we are to have around us people who truly value the meaning of each others’ lives.

My image from my caricatures, the Paperartzi says:  “Here’s a little number to top the charts in everyone’s hearts.  Merry Christmas.  May yours be a real hit!”   Indeed.

I wish all my LinkedIn community a healthy, safe and Happy Holiday Season with promise of many more to come!

LinkedIn article, Dec 21,2015

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