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Ray leaves his viewers staggered to believe that what they are seeing is actually made of paper.

His sculptures are immensely innovative both technically and aesthetically. Their diversity ranges from philosophically expressive abstracts where elements melt from one to another in visual games with no beginning or end, through to portraits, humorous caricatures and representations of bewildering complexity and realism. Some are huge robust pieces, others minute and delicate and yet all are able to stand any durability test of time.

“The more my materials insight the further my art skills can take flight”, is Ray’s belief.

On this premise he combined his passion for nature and science, for which he graduated from La Trobe University with a degree in Biological Sciences, together with his childhood fascination for the beauty and versatility of paper as an art medium.

His work has been commissioned for high profile corporations including Macquarie Bank, Amcor, Ford Motor Company, Toyota and Red Cross; MacMillan, Australian Geographic, American Greetings, Woolworths, Peters Ice Cream and Amcal; NRMA, Spicers Paper, ABC Paper, City of Port Phillip and the government of the Northern Territory of Australia for which he designed and built amongst the largest paper sculptures in the world. Globally, advertising agencies seek Ray’s innovation and skill to solve their sometimes extremely unusual and demanding requests while private commissions have been delivered to the UK, USA, Germany, Sweden and throughout Australia.

To date he has been recognised internationally by his peers with no less than fifteen awards in New York including Gold and a highly prestigious World Medal at the New York Festivals.

Spicers Papers Print Advertising Campaign.
An extremely successful, inspired beginning.


In the words of satisfied clients and collegues

Since 1992, Ray Besserdin, Paper Sculptor, Par Excellence, has been recognized by the 3Dimensional Illustrators Award Show with 1 Gold, 2 Silver and 12 Bronze Awards for his paper sculpture acumen. His work has faced the most sophisticated competition worldwide and has risen to the top in the premiere competition that recognizes the artistry of paper sculpture on an international scale. Ray's paper sculpture prowess has evolved over the years and now runs the gambit from the diminutive to the colossal.

Ray's capacity to convert the clients dream into reality, makes him one of the industry most gifted paper sculptors. His ability to take a flat piece of paper and create magnificent sculptures with depth, breath and emotion demonstrate the genius of Besserdin's work. As President of the 3Dimensional Illustrators Awards Show, I am honored to recognize Ray as one of the elite Paper Sculptors worldwide.

Kathleen Ziegler
Dimensional Illustrators, Inc.


"When recommended a paper sculpture as a show piece behind the foyer's concierge desk we were admittedly a little hesitant in selecting a less recognised style of art.

However, since purchasing and hanging Ray Besserdin's work "Flowing Synthesis", we have been delighted with our decision, which has been repeatedly vindicated through compliments from both visitors to the building and its tenants.

PII is also now the proud owner of a piece of art which won the gold award for creative excellence at the annual Dimensional Illustrators Awards for 1998 , held recently in New York. We would encourage any prospective purchasers of Ray's work to visit Celcius House, to see first hand what an impression his work has created."

Michael E McFarlane
Executive Director
Macquarie Bank Limited

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"....Ray spent a great deal of time researching Amcor to ensure the artwork was befitting the essence of the company. He also provided regular updates throughout the creative process.

The completed sculpture, entitled Amcor 2000 & Beyond, has surpassed my expectations and I regard it as a significant timepiece.

I am delighted with the piece and highly recommend Ray's talents."

Russell Jones
Managing Director
Amcor Limited


"Dick thought the work sensational, as did all those who saw it then and since. I was proud to be able to give such a wonderful piece of work. It was all I thought it would be - and more.

Congratulations again Ray for the significant achievement and you may rest assured it will hang at DJR with pride."

David Flint
Managing Director
Tickford Vehicle Engineering


"....Ray's clearly demonstrated artistic skills are substantially embellished by an ability to work for the project not for the ego, he realises that this is the only path for improving the creative process and achieving genuine success...

We will be collaborating with Ray Besserdin again in the near future on another rewarding project. In the meantime we commend Ray for his talent, attitude and synergy, to whoever else may be seeking a successful project."

Managing Director
Technical Group NT


"One of the delights of being a papermaker is the contacts which are made with various artists around the world, which, compensating for the sometime inability to make a profit, make it all worth while...BUT I DO NOT THINK I HAVE BEEN AT SUCH A LOSS FOR WORDS AS WHEN I OPENED YOUR LETTER TODAY AND SAW ALL THAT STUNNING WORK!..."

Kelvin Smibert
Managing Director
Blue Lake Fine Art Paper Mill


Ray Besserdin is one of the world's premier paper sculpture artists. His work has constantly evolved over the years as he explores and executes new applications of his wondrous, intricate art.

Last year I commissioned Ray to create six paper sculptures of Australian wildflowers for my Manhattan apartment. The geographical distance between us mattered not at all, Ray kept me updated at every step of the project with sketches, construction suggestions, colour and paper selections and framing recommendations. The pieces were shipped to me in secure, protective packaging (clearly designed by the master himself!) via Federal Express and were in perfect condition. The final artwork is simply stunning. I could not recommend this gifted artist more highly.

Jan Bitcon, Manhattan, New York.



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