Ray leaves his viewers staggered to believe that what they are seeing is actually made of paper.

His sculptures are immensely innovative both technically and aesthetically. Their diversity ranges from philosophically expressive abstracts where elements melt from one to another in visual games with no beginning or end, through to portraits, humorous caricatures and representations of bewildering complexity and realism. Some are huge robust pieces, others minute and delicate and yet all are able to stand any durability test of time.

“The more my materials insight the further my art skills can take flight”, is Ray’s belief.

On this premise he combined his passion for nature and science, for which he graduated from La Trobe University with a degree in Biological Sciences, together with his childhood fascination for the beauty and versatility of paper as an art medium.

His work has been commissioned for high profile corporations including Macquarie Bank, Amcor, Ford Motor Company, Toyota and Red Cross; MacMillan, Australian Geographic, American Greetings, Woolworths, Peters Ice Cream and Amcal; NRMA, Spicers Paper, ABC Paper, City of Port Phillip and the government of the Northern Territory of Australia for which he designed and built amongst the largest paper sculptures in the world. Globally, advertising agencies seek Ray’s innovation and skill to solve their sometimes extremely unusual and demanding requests while private commissions have been delivered to the UK, USA, Germany, Sweden and throughout Australia.

To date he has been recognised internationally by his peers with no less than fifteen awards in New York including Gold and a highly prestigious World Medal at the New York Festivals.

Spicers Papers Print Advertising Campaign.
An extremely successful, inspired beginning.